"...a jazz singer possessed of both subtlety and skill...
a joy to the ears to connoisseurs of classy female vocals..."
- Bluesbunny.com

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Jamila Ford

Listen to what others are saying about Jamila Ford!

  • "this is the kind of jazz presentation to keep millennials in the tent for a few more rounds."
    - Chris Spector, Midwest Record
  • "...an effortlessness that makes it appear that anyone can do it... Ford is the real deal, and has the skills to make listeners go over ‘The Deep End’ for her. Heartily Recommended."
    - Howard Dukes, SoulTracks.com
  • "...an exquisite song stylist validating an impressive artistic repertoire with economy and style."
    - CJ Bond, jazmuzic.com
  • "Jamila Ford is an artist worthy of your attention." - Michael Verity, Jazz.About.com

Jamila has performed to enthusiastic audiences around the world.
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